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ECN spread statistics from for January 2018


Dear Clients,

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Also we would like to remind you that the market of digital cash works 24/7, and trading crypto instruments does not stop even on holidays, which allows you to determine the convenient time for trading yourself. Moreover, beneficial payment systems and convenient services will significantly simplify the work with, as well as minimize all possible costs.

Right now, we would like to share the results of our work, presented in the form of average spreads on ECN-accounts for the previous month.

Average spreads for January, 2018:

 (December’17 spreads are shown in brackets)

EUR/USD –  0.4 (0.3) GBP/USD – 0.6 (0.8)
USD/JPY – 0.7 (0.8) USD/CHF – 0.8 (0.9)
EUR/GBP – 0.7 (0.9) EUR/JPY – 1.0 (1.0)
EUR/CHF – 1.1 (1.0)  AUD/USD – 0.7 (0.7)
USD/CAD – 0.8 (0.8) NZD/USD – 0.9 (0.8)

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Your premier ECN broker,

OCTL2P Installation and Activation Print

One Click Trading Level2 Plugin

One Click Trading is a very important and useful tool developed on the basis of Level2 application. One Click Trading makes it very easy to monitor the markets and react to the market changes on time. One click is enough to catch the best price and make a beneficial trade.

Installation and activation

To install OCTL2P you should download setup file to your computer and run it to start the installation. Click Next in the installation dialog box. Before installing OCTL2P we suggest you close all running applications including MT4 terminals.

Forex broker Forexee

Read the license agreement, select the check box I accept the agreement and click Next to proceed.

Forex broker

Indicate directory where you previously installed MetaTrader 4. To start the installation click Install.

Forex broker

When the installation process is finished, the Next button will be activated.

Forex broker Forexee

Click Finish to close the installation dialog box. Activate Launch MT terminal option if you want MT4 launched after you click Finish.

Forex broker

Before you activate OCTL2P, please, check the settings: launch the MT4 trading platform, from main menu choose Tools → Options, in the opened window select the Expert Advisors tab and switch on the Allow automated trading and Allow DLL imports options and click OK.

Forex broker

To activate the Expert Advisor in the Navigator window, click Expert Advisors. Installed EA should be seen in the list. Double-click on OneClickTradingLevel2 or simply drag and drop it onto the chart. Click OK.

Forex broker

If the EA is activated successfully, a smiley will be seen in the top right corner of the chart.

MT4 Installation Print

Trading platform MetaTrader 4

Metatrader 4 is a modern and easy-to-use trading platform for online trading. It ensures round-the-clock access to financial markets and market information as well as quick order execution. With Metatrader 4 traders may take advantage of using Expert Advisors, Indicators and develop their own trading strategies.

System requirements: Microsoft® Windows® XP or later.


To install Trading platform ForexEE MT4 you should download setup file to your computer and run it to start the installation. Click Next in the installation dialog box.

Forex broker Forexee

Read the license agreement, select the check box Yes, I agree with all terms of this license agreement and click Next to proceed.

Forex broker

Please indicate installation directory for MetaTrader4 and choose name for Start Menu folder Start → All Programs. We recommend using the default installation settings. Also select a relative check box if you want to Create a desktop shortcut, Оpen website or Launch program after successful installation. Click Next.

Forex broker

Now the program is downloading all necessary files from our server and installing them on your PC. Click Finish when installation is complete. Congratulations! MT4 has been successfully installed on your computer.

Forex broker Forexee

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