PAMM service



PAMM service is a technology created to copy trades from Master account to the Slave accounts automatically distributing profits and losses. Master trades in the Forex market using his own capital and the capital of Slaves. Slaves can analyze the performance of the Master with the provided instruments.

The value of the service lies in the possibility to combine the knowledge and experience of providers with the capital of subscribers to attain mutually beneficial results.

The technology of the service guarantees the protection of Slaves funds from inappropriate actions of the Master by keeping the funds in the Slaves accounts instead of transferring them to Master account.

We invite all experienced successful Forex traders to open a PAMM account. And all those who would like to make use of skills of a successful Master to make profit in the foreign exchange market, please be welcome to study detailed characteristics of different PAMM accounts to choose the one that suits your needs considering the level of risk and profitability.


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